What is Boudoir Photography?

It is about celebrating being a woman, no matter your age, size, shape or stage of life. We criticize ourselves way too much as women! We need to stop, rejoice in ourselves and our bodies. Boudoir photography is an experience. My goal is to empower you and allow you to walk away from your photo shoot feeling amazing and like you can conquer anything. We may start off having boudoir portraits taken for a significant other, but you will quickly find out, it is really a gift you give to yourself.  

Columbus Ohio Boudoir Photography

Whether you are saving, sharing or displaying your images, this beautiful "Little Black Box" filled with 4" x 6" mounted prints of your favorite images is the perfect option. It comes with 19, 20 or 30 images.  Sturdy, long lasting design . Elegant presentation. Plenty of photos to save eor share.